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Letter: Fair representation is the bedrock of a democracy. What the Legislature has done is infuriating. – Salt Lake Tribune

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Over 100 people spoke in opposition to the Utah LegislatureÕs Redistricting Committee's only public hearing for the map proposals, Capitol's House Building, Room 30, Nov. 8, 2021.
I totally agree with Andy Larson’s recent piece in The Tribune. I am furious with the Legislature’s ignoring the work of the Redistricting Commission. I am not only angry, I feel betrayed! Legislators are elected to represent the people in their districts who voted for them. Instead, the Legislature arrogantly passed over twelve possible choices, which followed established and reasonable guidelines. They approved their own self-serving map which ignored guidelines and the hours of transparent work of a commission established by a vote of the citizens of Utah.
I heartily approve Don Gale’s suggestion that an ongoing report be made by district of how Legislators voted on pertinent issues and published in The Tribune over several weeks. I would further suggest that a summary of all pertinent district votes be published in the week preceding primary and general elections. Knowing how our Legislators voted will allow us to elect those who truly represent our views, and not their own self-interest.
Another idea to consider is for as many people as possible to register as Republicans. Only members of the Republican Party are allowed to vote in their primaries. That is the time when incumbents can be removed who are more concerned with re-election than serving their constituents. It is also a time when candidates can be selected or supported who have demonstrated that they value the input and positions of those who elect them. If you agree with this idea, do it soon. The Legislature recently required that party affiliation changes must be made six months ahead of elections. This makes it impossible to make that change and influence elections as positions become clearer.

This is not a Republican/Democrat/independent issue. There are many Republicans who do not always agree with the actions of the Legislature. There are many Democrats who often approve. The point here is that fair-minded people of any persuasion recognize that fair representation is the bedrock of a democracy (or a Republic, if you prefer.) We all should be able to agree on that.
Elizabeth Tubbs, Holladay
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