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Electoral College a necessity for democracy – Palm Beach Post

I was chagrined to read your editorial “Elevate national vote over electoral college” just two days after former Lt. Governor and Republican Party Chairman pitched the idea to you at an editorial board meeting. You explained that candidates for president would have to barnstorm across the nation for votes rather than concentrate on the electoral rich states. Do you not know your history?  Richard Nixon promised to visit all 50 states in the 1960 election, and he did, nearly killing him. John Kennedy concentrated his efforts on electorally rich states and won the election. If we rid ourselves of the electoral college, our election will be determined by the east coast and west coast, both very liberal and Democratic, leaving middle America without a voice.  
Jeremiah Hogan, West Palm Beach
The United States of America now not only trails the civilized world in ranks for healthcare, mortality rates, infrastructure and education, we seemingly want to solidify our status as a Third World country. I can take my AR-15 to Kenosha, Wisc., over state lines, look for trouble, say someone tried to attack me, kill them, and claim self-defense. We have more guns than Somalia. How far we’ve sunk. It’s yet another sad day in our short history as a nation.
Al DeGaetano, Jupiter
It appears the Florida Legislature has codified the anti-vax minority. I read an interesting article about a 69 year-old unvaccinated woman who was in a coma and on a ventilator for 60 days then woke up. My first thought was the enormous expense to Medicare because this woman failed to get a COVID vaccine. The Republican Party is the party of self-reliance. I would suggest that Medicare and private healthcare insurance companies should exempt coverage for any un-vaccinated hospital admissions.
William Damato, Boynton Beach
Thank you for a wonderful Veterans Day article on Rubin Firstman. Like Mr. Firstman, my father, Company A Commander Louis “Coke” Coakley of the 853rd Army Corps, was on the HMT Rohna when it was sunk. He, too, floated in the Mediterranean Sea for 12 hours on an oil drum, with a fractured skull, and was rescued and taken to a military hospital in the Sahara Desert. When his remaining men came to say goodbye, as they prepared to leave on the next convoy to India, my father told them to sneak him out of the hospital to the departing ship. All of these incredible stories have been almost entirely missed by history. The nation deserves to hear of their sacrifices and the worst loss of life at sea in U.S. military history.
Coke Coakley, Jupiter
When science gets in the way of politics, we need to ditch science. Sesame Street’s Big Bird supported science and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is up in arms. Does Cruz reflect Republican Party thinking? What do Republicans believe in?  Do they believe in science?  What about our current Florida Surgeon General? Do Republicans believe in our democratic system? Some in the Republican Party seem intent on ditching democracy in favor of an anti-science, Trump-led, TV fascism. This all makes one wonder where we, as a nation, are headed.
Donald Hoffman, Boynton Beach


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