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The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP): A party that treads on the bloodstreams and bloodlines of its martyrs – Perspective

By Obadiah D. Vanjahkollie

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 21, 2021

We grow fierce and stringent whenever we listen to the whines and wails of the plebians and peasants. We rise and strike whenever we detect injustices prevailing over justices. These are traits we possess in our cups as young revolutionaries of Africa’s foremost mass-based student revolutionary movement. The historical typology in a circular motion around this ever-long-existing and struggle-spirited revolutionary fraternity is well-endowed and robust. It’s carved on a golden stone. 

Five decades plus one, the body still maintains its speed stalwartly performing duties that history has assigned to it, living up to its doctrine, protecting its sacredness, and chanting revolutionary slogans – the tools that are used to appall the kleptocrats and instill courage into combatants who are assigned at the barricade. We saw Chairman emeritus Michael G.S Dolo, Cde. Frederick Gobawollie, Cde. Tonia Richardson, Cde. Swanzy Elliott, Cde. Lawrence Moore, Cde. Wuo Gabbi Tappia, Cde. Wiwi Debah, et al at the dam engaged in warfare with the status quo based on refractory occurrences. 
In our existence today, men are still around footing on the ideological and bloody paths of those martyrs to heighten the warfare against the offsprings of yesteryears tyrants,  and expand the dialectical pedagogical activities of “Massescracy.” One may say Democratic-centralism is one of our tenets but in truism, it’s “Massescratic-centralism.” I have no energy to waste in a feat to convince a man standing outside the ideological matrix why I flung away “Democratic” and speedily replaced it with “Massecratic.” No, I have no time to waste on a man ignorantly chest-beating and dancing in Utopia!

The thing is, we understand the narrative that brought Democracy to us. We know the ulterior motives of their form of democracy. We understand how they interpreted democracy to us. But we are bravely here to disappoint as well as to notify them that we shall make Massecracy and Pan-Africanism bury the cripple Democracy they seeded into our system. Yes, this is what we will do! Massecracy will reign over democracy!

When we visited the UL Capitol Hill campus in the 70s and the 80s through reading literary works, in a state they termed as a democratic one, we saw how our men were hunted in every alcove of Monrovia. We saw how firearms were used to lessen the life spans of our men. But after viewing all of those terrible scenes, one can safely deduce that the oppressors were clueless in their operations. They felt that they took us down for good but lately did they know that they were using “Fishing net” to fetch water. They failed to understand that those comrades swiveled their ideas into a powerful radical and vibrant revolutionary structure before their untimely demise. 

They wasted the blood of those comrades on the soil without any awareness that those bloodstreams would have aided plants to germinate, flourish, and produce fruits of revolutionary consciousness that will one day be consumed by young comrades. They had no idea to thwart this from occurring. Today, we have eaten those fruits and grown into something that has crossed the perimeter of their beliefs; and without any qualm, they now know that we can’t be taken down by men! 51 years standing in fistfights with kleptocrats, plutocrats, and autocrats, the party is still alive. Yes, the party is still alive executing its historical mandate!
We are SUP! We are Supists! Forever, we shall exist; and forever,  we shall reign!
Long live SUP!
Long live Massescracy!
Long live Social justice, academic freedom, and Peace!
Long live true advocacy!
Aluta Continua!
PS: SUP @ 51 is in sight.
November 26 of this year is the grand parade. Stalwarts, cadres, militants, well-wishers, affiliates, and Associates of our cherished SUP will be parading in commemoration of its 51st anniversary. Join us if you can!
About the Author:
Cde. Obadiah D. Vanjahkollie alias “Vanjah Vandäk” is a second-year sophomore student of the University of Liberia majoring in Geography and minoring in Demography. He is an adherent of Pan-Africanist progressivism. He is a leftist revolutionary and young student radical of Africa’s oldest and biggest bulwark and sanctuary of political enlightenment and dialectical teachings – SUP. At the level of the above-mentioned progressive institution, he serves as the Financial Secretary-General on the Bureau of Press, Propaganda, Research, and Guidance. He can easily be reached via the following means:
Facebook: Obadiah D. Vanjahkollie
WhatsApp: +231881414307
Email: [email protected]
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