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Historians tend to frown on the practice of imagining “alternate histories.” Two people who don’t are Danny Bessner and Matt Christman, hosts of the new podcast “Hinge Points.” On each episode, they take an historical “hinge” moment and ask, could it have been different? What if, for example, the German Social Democrats had not fallen in line behind the march to war in 1914?
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Prosecutorial misconduct and deficient lawyering deprived Inman of a fair trial, a judge ruled. Inman’s case was the subject of The Intercept’s “Murderville, Georgia” podcast.
The state’s prison health care system is failing to adequately care for older people with chronic illnesses and diseases.
If you have survived the pandemic without going inside a Covid ward, you will likely be stunned by the grim intimacy of Matthew Heineman’s new documentary.
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