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By Alex Galindo
Nowadays many things are going wrong, but one thing that personally affects Americans everywhere is the problem with the economy.  The issue is very bad and may affect all Americans in the long and short run.  Today, I will be discussing what is causing the issue with the economy, how this issue affects busing and how it affects the American people.
Many people have been wondering why many items are not stocked on the supermarket shelves.  This is due to the inability to get the supplies.  This is starting at the harbors where the supplies are shipped.  Many companies who unload the ships have experienced staff shortages, mostly due to making their employees get the COVID 19 vaccine and they are getting unemployment.  This makes them have a shortage of manpower; therefore, not being able to get the boats unloaded.
The boats that do not get unloaded then have to be transported via truck.  This is also an issue because there is also a shortage of truck drivers.  The shortage is not as bad as people on the docks , but it is still an issue.  This is causing the supplies that are unloaded to not be delivered.  Since supplies that are in high demand are not being delivered, their prices go up.
This causes a problem with the economy.  Another issue is the government giving out lots of money.  When people have more money they will buy more things.  Then in a ploy for money, the supermarket will raise their prices to get more money.
A bad economy does not only affect the peopled of this fine country, but also the businesses that run in this country.  The businesses are affected because the supplies that they usually use are not able to get to them.  Without getting the usual supplies, they then have to go to a more expensive item or an item not as good.  If they have to go to a more expensive item, then they will have to increase the price of the items.
With a different product withless quality, the business could potentially lose customers.  This could also affect the cost of their machinery that is needed for their business.  Technology, like a cas register and a card reader may become more expensive.  This can also affect the cost of special machinery needed to run a certain business.
This does not only affect the business of America, but the people too.  With a bad economy, the American citizens can expect prices to increase exponentially.  Many Americans can already see the increase in prices at their local grocery store.  The increase of price really affects the many low income families across America.  With the American government giving out money to American citizens, this will also affect the people of America in the long run.
As of now, many Americans are enjoying the extra money from the government, but it will affect us later.  First, many Americans could start depending on the money coming from the government, later when the government runs out of money to give these people, they could become impoverished.  With the government handing out money, we could theoretically turn into a communist nation.  Lastly, with the government handing out money, we could also see loss of funds in important aspects of life.  This could mean cuts in funding for schools, military and other government funded facilities.
In conclusion, right now America is in a pickle.  Our economy is in deep trouble.  We all see an issue in the near future.  I hope that the government can help us get out of this issue.  I hope this piece helps you understand how the economy got into this issue, how it affects the American businesses and how it will affect you and other American citizens.
By Alia Winter
Law enforcement officers have been pushed around and mistreated for far too long.  There have been times that these officers have simply been fulfilling their duties and still there has been public backlash.  There is no real, logical reason for these outrages, yet they still seem to, not only continue, but also get much worse as time passes.  They have been unfairly protested, aimlessly investigated by our government and have been placed under strict restrictions.
The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal.  Unfortunately, a man of color lost his life on May 25, 2020 due to a law enforcement issue.  One man was to blame for the death of this man, but yet law enforcement officers all over the U.S. were punished.
Protesters have roamed the streets since that unfortunate day, speaking badly about police officers or even going far enough to shoot at them.  While I understand that many people were negatively affected by the death, why must we punish those who have the same profession of one who has done wrong?  The death of the man, George Floyd, was an accident and while the police officer responsible may have deserved to be punished, we should not transfer the blame to law enforcement as a whole.
All of the energy put towards these protests is wasted.  Law enforcement workers constantly have to supervise these protests while they could be helping citizens in need.  These protests only cause destruction and negativity and though anyone has a right to protest, it seems childish to me.  These large groups of people are destroying buildings just because they don’t like how a situation was handled.  However, far more people are killed in these protests than one single man.  In addition to that, these protests are also affecting hundreds of people whether harming them or harming the area where they live or even harming the people they love.
There are articles all over the internet that explain how police officers constantly violate our rights.  One particularly detailed article is actually on a government website: (http://www.justice.gv/crt/addressing-police-misconduct-laws-enforced-department-justice).  This article is filled with all sorts of ways that police violate our rights.
At first, it starts off by saying that jobs in law enforcement are often difficult and that we must respect them so that they may respect us.  Then it continues to say that respect is not always mutual and that we need to know our rights.The article also describes when it is appropriate for a person to file a complaint against a law enforcement officer.  This article is well written and detailed, therefore, I am guessing that it took some time to write.
And my question to the author is why waste your time on something that will merely lead to a dead end?  Since this article was published on a government website, I also direct the same question at government officials.  Why must you waste your own time and energy on something that is not a problem, or at least not a major problem, when you could use your time from something much more important or time sensitive?
Beginning on July 1, 2023, law enforcement officers in the state of Colorado will be required to wear body cameras by law.  They must leave the cameras rolling engaging in police business.  As of right now, there has been a mandate about the body cameras placed on these officers.  Though this issue seems minor, it is only the start of a long list of mandates and restrictions that police are required to follow.
One of these rules states that a police officer may not resort to use of force unless absolute necessary.  Violence may not be the best answer, but if a person feels that a police officer was too rough or resorted to use of force too quickly, the officer will not win due to the fact that many people feel very strongly about police and their rights.
In conclusion, there is no logical reason for these outbursts.  However, they still seem to continue and grow much worse as time goes on.  Law enforcement officers have been unfairly protested, aimlessly investigated by our U.S. government and have even been placed under strict rules and restrictions.  Even when these officers are merely doing their job, the public has still been completely against them.  Law enforcement officers have been treated unfairly for far too long.
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