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Association invites entries for research, memorial awards – Taipei Times

The North American Taiwanese Professors’ Association (NATPA) is inviting entries for next year’s Professor Liao Shutsung Memorial Award and Professor Liao Shutsung Research Award.
The memorial award honors activists who have advanced the cause of democracy and sovereignty, while the research award supports Taiwanese researchers whose works have made a significant contribution to the nation, the association said in a press release on Oct. 31.
“The purpose of the [memorial] award is to commemorate Professor Liao Shutsung’s lifelong love and dedication to Taiwan, and to nurture the spirit of giving back to our homeland that Prof. Liao embraced when he established NATPA in 1980,” it said.
The memorial awards are divided into a lifetime contribution award, with a prize of US$10,000, and a youth award, with a prize of US$10,000, the association said, adding that nominees can be individuals, teams or organizations.
To qualify for the research award, applicants must be engaged in a one-year research program in a topic concerning Taiwan’s history and culture, politics and democratization, economy and technology, ecology and environment, or sovereignty and national security.
Applicants for the research award are not limited by nationality and could be a person or a group, but they must support Taiwan’s sovereignty, subjectivity, human rights and sustainability, the group said.
The research award is to give each recipient a US$10,000 research grant and a prize of US$2,000 to US$5,000.
Applications for the awards are to run until March 1 next year, and the list of awardees is to be announced in April, it said.
More information is available on www.natpa.org.
This year, six academics received the research award for studies on film and painting conservation, academic fraud, challenges to sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic, a history of US Congressman Donald Fraser’s involvement with human rights activism in Taiwan, and others.
Opera singer and director Tseng Dau-hsiong (曾道雄) received the lifetime achievement award for his contributions to musical arts, while the youth award went to the four-people campaign that initiated the recall of then-Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).
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