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Quality History Education for Democratic Culture: The third meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council gets to the heart of its mandate – Council of Europe

“Without quality history education that is based on the competencies for democratic culture, it is difficult if not impossible to have proper, effective, and comprehensive education for democratic culture”, reminded the Director of Democratic Participation, Mr Matjaž Gruden.
The methodologies for the Regular and Thematic reports were the main items on the Agenda of the 3rd meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), presented by the Vice-chair, Mr Raul Cârstocea. This work is at the core of the mandate of the SAC. The Regular Report will provide a unique longitudinal study on history education in Europe. Areas of study proposed included historical culture, the training of history teachers, and how civil society organisations impact on public debates on history education. This will help the Observatory to take a snapshot of the current state of history teaching in Europe.
The Thematic Report will examine how pandemics and natural disasters are taught, for example by analysing the scapegoating of minorities and other marginal groups and to understand the lessons we have learned as a society during these crises.
Both reports should inspire students and teachers to think critically about how history is taught, and to look at historical events through a multiperspective approach. The work of the Observatory will complement the intergovernmental programme on history education in the Council of Europe.
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