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"Political cancer" eating away at US democracy: article_china.org.cn – China.org.cn

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) — There are “unmissable symptoms of a political cancer eating away at” U.S. democracy, said a recent article published by The Hill, a U.S. political website.
Noting “America is not a pure democracy,” the article said “its system of checks and balances often allows the minority to dominate the majority.”
Citizens of a democracy should put the well-being of the country over individual interests, but the situation now is reversed, said the article.
Meanwhile, “both the Democratic and Republican parties are deeply divided, each between two factions,” it added.
“Cleavages over race, sexual preferences, gender and home of origin have arguably never been greater or more expansive,” said the article.
What’s worse, the incompetent government, no matter which party rules, has failed to respond in a timely manner to the country’s and public’s needs, which has bred anger, hostility, resentment and cynicism that affect daily life, according to the article.
“Today, close to 80 percent don’t have confidence in government,” it added. Enditem