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The Democratic Governors Association is conceding Florida before the race even begins – Washington Examiner

The dominant performance by Republicans across the country in the 2021 elections last week has put Democrats on the defensive. Now, the Democratic Governors Association is planning to give up on Florida before the race even begins.
The DGA spent $7.6 million trying to boost Andrew Gillum over Republican Ron DeSantis in 2018. But now, Florida Democratic consultants “who have been in contact with the DGA” told Politico that Florida is being moved down the priority list. It’s an insult added to injury, as Florida Democrats are poised to nominate Charlie Crist, a former Republican and independent who has already lost two statewide races in Florida.
That also likely means that the DGA won’t get too involved in Texas either, where it appears that two-time election loser Beto O’Rourke is preparing to make it three against GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.
But the problem for Democrats is that Texas and Florida promise to be money furnaces with or without the DGA getting involved. O’Rourke would likely dominate with a chunk of small donors who do not live in Texas but want to push him to victory as they tried to do in 2018, while the Lincoln Project promises to target DeSantis much in the same way it targeted several Republicans in 2020 after raising over $90 million. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well for them).
While small-dollar Democratic donors flock to those flashy races, the DGA will be pushed to the brink trying to protect vulnerable incumbents across the country. The DGA will be playing defense in several states, including Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nevada, and Pennsylvania (where Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is term-limited). Given that Republicans nearly knocked off New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy last week, other states such as Maine, Colorado, and New Mexico could be on the table as well.
It couldn’t be better for Republicans. Possible 2024 presidential nominees DeSantis and Abbott should cruise to reelection in red states in a favorable national environment. Democrats have to defend multiple states that are less reliably Democratic than Virginia or New Jersey. Meanwhile, the GOP will be on the offensive, trying to take back House and Senate seats as well. Momentum, historical trends, and a national environment that deeply disapproves of the job President Joe Biden and Democrats are doing are all on the GOP’s side.