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Still hate Hillary? Get over it: She was right about Trump then — and she's right now – Raw Story

If you still hate Hillary Clinton for some reason, time to get over it. She was right about Donald Trump and his movement in 2016, and she’s right now.
This article first appeared in Salon.

During the presidential campaign five years ago, Clinton made the simple observation that a large percentage of Donald Trump’s followers could be considered a “basket of deplorables” because of their racism, white supremacy, nativism, misogyny, religious hatred and other retrograde antisocial values and beliefs.
As I wrote here several weeks ago, “In many ways, Clinton was too kind. If anything, she underestimated how many Americans were in fact committed and enthusiastic human deplorables“:
In the weeks since then, evidence has only mounted on the seriousness of the Trump regime’s coup plot and how close the United States came to succumbing to a Republican fascist revolution. That coup attempt has not ended. Indeed, it is escalating, and America is fast approaching a point of no return.
The response to my essay about Clinton’s warnings about Trump’s “deplorables” was an outpouring of rage from self-described progressives, leftists, liberals and others who claim to oppose Donald Trump. In essence, it was a lot of people who seemed to be psychologically decompensating or in the midst of an emotional breakdown. These reactions were rooted in unrestrained hatred toward Hillary Clinton — and, in this case, toward anyone who would dare to suggest she was ever correct about anything.
By this point, Clinton must be used to such reactions. To her credit — and unlike many other members of the American political elite — she is speaking out now even more boldly and clearly about the specific threat posed to American democracy and society by Donald Trump and the politically psychopathic Republican-fascist movement.
In a recent interview at the Atlantic Festival of Ideas, Clinton discussed the decades-long trajectory that brought America the disastrous events of Jan. 6:
She then focused on the years since her own presidential campaign, which have seen the Republican Party openly embrace a plan to nullify American democracy:
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Clinton observed that she personally knew many of the leading Republicans “who are lining up and saluting Trumpism,” adding, “They’re giving up their values, their common sense. … It’s amazing.” She concluded:
Clinton is again showing herself to be an astute observer of America’s democracy crisis and the role of the Republican Party in a decade-long plan to undermine or overthrow the country’s multiracial democracy. And once again, too many people will, a priori, reject her insights because they remain afflicted with Hillary Derangement Syndrome.
But the important lesson here has little to do with Hillary Clinton in particular. Defeating the Republican-fascist movement will require political pragmatism, in the form of alliances between individuals and groups who in the near past have opposed one another — and who no doubt will again in the future — but are now united in defense of democracy, the Constitution and the rule of law.
America’s democracy crisis truly is an “all hands on deck” emergency. There is little room for ideologues except where all parties can work towards a shared goal of defeating the Republican fascists, along with their followers, allies and agents.
In an open letter first published at the New Republic and The Bulwark — co-authored by journalism professor Todd Gitlin, political scientist Jeffrey C. Isaac and conservative commentator William Kristol, and co-signed by dozens of prominent academics, journalists and activists — this argument for a common-front alliance was made explicit. It begins:
In an essay for Common Dreams, Isaac explains how this “friendly collaboration” between ideological foes came about:
As the first drafts of history are being written about this dire historical period, one important theme will be about how many pro-democracy Americans worked together, often quietly or in secret, from the highest levels of government, including the military and the national security agencies, to the local and state levels and across civil society more broadly, in an effort to stop the Trump regime’s plot to nullify the 2020 presidential election.
Those afflicted with Hillary Derangement Syndrome should feel free to bray at the moon, scream into the wind or do whatever else is necessary to get that energy out of their system. But this is a moment to join in alliance with others, across ordinary lines of politics and ideology, to stop the Republican-fascist movement. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy really is my friend.
Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., the far-right dentist known for his ties to multiple white nationalist groups, on Sunday released a video of photoshopped clips of an anime show depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.
The tweeted video – which he captioned, “Any anime fans out there?” – opens with Gosar’s name under Japanese text that reads “attack of immigrants,” an apparent reference to the anime show “Attack on the Titan” from which the Republican pulled various clips.
The video then goes on to show footage of immigrants at the southern border, overlaying the footage with anime-style special effects and crosscutting with interstitials that read “drugs, crime, poverty, money, gangs, violence” and “trafficking.”
About midway into the video, “Attack on the Titan main character Eren Yaeger is shown in a mashup of clips with Gosar’s face photoshopped onto the cartoon character. Swords in both hands, the fictionalized Gosar scales a European-esque urban landscape alongside cartoon versions of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Lauren Bobert, R-Colo., until slaying what appears to be a titan with Ocasio-Cortez’s face photoshopped onto it.
Toward the end, the cartoon Gosar is shown leaping into the air with his blades unsheathed moments before striking the photoshopped head of President Joe Biden.
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“Attack on Titan,” a best-selling Japanese manga series created by Hajime Isayama, is set in a world in which humanity lives inside a city surrounded by walls guarding its populace from human-eating beasts called “titans”. Though the creator has strayed from addressing the politics of the show, it has been interpreted by white nationalists online to be an allegory for U.S., which they say teaches white people to hate themselves for the sins of their ancestors, according to The New Republic. Liberal commentators have meanwhile critiqued show for its possible allusions of anti-Semitic tropes.
The video, which has garnered roughly 1.5 million views since its release on Twitter, takes ostensibly a political attack ad on the Biden administration for its handling of the surge in immigrants at the southern border.
All throughout his presidency, Biden has faced criticism from Republicans for adopting what they say is an overly permissive approach to immigration, allowing too many migrants to pass through the border.
Biden recently faced bipartisan scrutiny back in September, when it was reported that the U.S. had begun clearing out a squalid encampment of 12,000 Haitian migrants seeking asylum near the Rio Grande.
That same month, photos surfaced of border agents on horseback aggressively corralling Haitian migrants between Del Rio, Texas, and Acuña, Mexico. The pictures drew a tidal wave of outrage from progressives and immigration advocates. Biden’s special envoy to Haiti shortly resigned after the scandal, citing the administration’s “deeply flawed” policies on Haitian immigration.
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Gosar, first elected to Congress in 2010, is arguably one of Donald Trump’s most loyal backers and is notorious for his off-color remarks and ties to white nationalist groups.
Back in February, the Republican attended the America First Political Action Conference, a white nationalist conference, cozying up to far-right white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who is known anti-semitic rhetoric and Holocaust denial.
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In a March interview with Salon’s Igor Derysh, all three of Gosar’s siblings expressed a firm belief that their brother is a white supremacist.
“He’s literally scared of his own shadow,” said Gosar’s brother, Tim. “That’s what kind of person we’re talking about here. Is he a white supremacist for political gain? Absolutely. Is he a white supremacist because he’s a ‘scared of his own shadow’ guy? Yeah, he is that too.”
By Jonathan Allen
BRUNSWICK, Ga. (Reuters) – Jurors saw gory police photographs of the body of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, lying in the street of a southern Georgia neighborhood and the shotgun that killed him as the murder trial of three white men who chased and shot him resumed on Monday.
Gregory McMichael, 65; his son Travis McMichael, 35; and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, 52, have pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. They face life in prison if convicted on the most serious charge by the jury, which is composed of 11 white people and one Black person.
The men say they thought Arbery might have been fleeing from a crime when he ran through Satilla Shores, their mostly white neighborhood, on a Sunday afternoon in February 2020. They pursued him in pickup trucks for several minutes before the younger McMichael confronted Arbery on the road.
Here are some important moments from the second day of witness testimony in Glynn County Superior Court:
Ramos was one of the first investigators to arrive at the scene of the shooting, and took dozens of crime-scene photographs that show Arbery’s body in the middle of the road under a bloodstained white sheet.
Her photographs also showed Travis McMichael’s pump-action 12-gauge shotgun lying on grass near the body, as well as shotgun shells and bloodstains on the asphalt.
The three defendants watched the jury look at photographs taken after the sheet had been removed from Arbery’s body, with Bryan taking notes in a yellow legal pad. Some jurors appeared to squirm.
The photographs included close-ups of a gaping gunshot wound in the center of Arbery’s chest, another just below his left armpit, and one on his wrist. Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, looked on from the courtroom’s gallery.
Travis McMichael’s shotgun, contained in a long box, was also brought into the courtroom and admitted into evidence.
(Reporting by Jonathan Allen; editing by Ross Colvin and Jonathan Oatis)
Alec Baldwin wants a police presence on all sets where guns are being used. The actor, who fatally shot “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last month when he fired a gun mistakenly loaded with live bullets, made the public plea Monday as Hollywood scrambles to avoid another catastrophe. “Every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise, should have a police officer on set, hired by the production, to specifically monitor weapons safety,” he tweeted from his locked account. After the accidental shooting, which also injured director Joel Souza, both Dwayne Johnson and “The Rookie” showrun…
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