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MI Secretary of State warns of anti-democracy agenda: ���We���re not rising with the same intensity����� – Yahoo News

���There is no bottom,��� as conspiracy-based legislation has real life effects on American voters nationwide, with insurrectionists winning elections and local election officials being replaced by those who say they will overturn results. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joins Ali Velshi to explain why we need to ���start talking more about what���s happening behind the scenes,��� and how the complete lack of accountability and consequences — either legal or political — is sending the wrong message to both voters and anyone who hopes to lead.
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“Eisenhower’s interstate system should be torn up or else the commies will be able to conveniently drive! Red Dawn in real life," mocked Rep. Adam Kinzinger.
Biden hit another all-time low in the same USA Today/Suffolk poll at 38% approval. The closest comparable for Harris is former VP Dick Cheney in 2007.
A study by UC Davis' Garen Wintemute of the California Firearms Violence Research Center notes that "The unprecedented surge in firearms purchasing … shows no sign of abating and risks becoming part of a new normal for the USA."
"If there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil,” Cruz told an audience at Texas A&M University.
The former New Jersey governor warns the party about Trump's talking points.
Split grows between the two Republicans as Trump says he told McConnell, ‘Why don’t you write it for me?’ The Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP Donald Trump once described Mitch McConnell as his “ace in the hole” and wrote, in a foreword to the Senate Republican leader’s autobiography, that he “couldn’t have asked for a better partner” in Washington. Except, according to Trump, he didn’t. Speaking to the Washington Post for a profile of the Senate minorit
"Republican Winsome Sears seen here attempting 'suicide by cop,'" Michael Che says of photo of Virginia's newly-elected lieutenant governor
The Republicans have been building up for years to "let's go Brandon." So much for the party of family values.
France showcased its military muscle Monday with a tour of its new frigate Auvergne in the eastern Mediterranean, seeking to underscore what the ship's captain said was the importance that Paris attaches to ensuring security and stability in the region. Captain Paul Merveilleux de Vignaux said the Auvergne with its 150-strong crew would be deployed in the eastern Mediterranean until January to gather intelligence in order to “show how the respect of international law and especially freedom of navigation matters” to France. “This deployment underlines how important France considers this part of the Mediterranean sea,” as well as the country’s “willingness to contribute to the stabilization of this strategic area,” De Vignaux told reporters at the Cypriot port of Larnaca.
Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, Idaho Governor’s OfficeThe long-running feud between Idaho Gov. Brad Little and Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin has sunk to absurd new depths, with questions about what it means to be absent from the state, who should step in, and how much they should be paid.McGeachin, who is running for Little’s job, repeatedly used Little’s out-of-town trips—when she served as acting governor—to issue executive orders undermining Little’s COVID restrictions.Little then had to revers
The teacher also claimed that President Joe Biden's son Hunter "was having sexual intercourse with his own niece."
"All Republicans who voted for Democrat longevity should be ashamed of themselves," Trump said in a statement.
Chris McGrath/GettyThe Donald Trump presidency was a disgraceful disaster, what with all the grifting and colluding and treason and insurrection. Yet it was also an embarrassment of comedic riches, most of it due to Trump and company’s preternatural ability to say and do the dumbest and most ludicrous things imaginable. Sitting at a tiny desk. Complaining about toilets. Promoting bleach as a COVID cure. Remarking that George Washington “took over airports” during the Revolutionary War. Suggestin
The U.S. Supreme Court seems to think that one should have the right to carry a gun if it makes one feel safe. What if we need more than a gun to feel safe?
Iran’s judicial authorities reportedly banned a newspaper Monday for publishing a front-page graphic that appeared to show Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's hand drawing the poverty line in the Islamic Republic amid widespread anger over the nation's cratering economy. The semiofficial Mehr news agency said Iran’s media supervisory body shut down the daily newspaper Kelid after it published a front-page article titled “Millions of Iranians Living under Poverty Line" on Saturday. Under the headline, the graphic shows a person's left hand holding a pen and drawing a red line across the page as silhouettes of people underneath are reaching up to the line.
Democratic New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney says thousands of “recently found” ballots supports his refusal to concede to a Republican challenger
Paul Krugman commentary: Cowards, not crazies, are destroying America
Democratic Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly came out against President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate
A joint Chinese-Russian flotilla of 10 warships spent much of last week circling Japan's main island before retreating back to Chinese waters. This was the first-ever joint Chinese-Russian naval patrol in the region, and an action CNN warned could "potentially reignit[e] regional tensions.