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Think Tank, former Phoenix mayor wrap up series on democracy – KTAR.com

We’ve run a two-part series on threats to democracy. The first of these featured Terry Goddard. But we mistakenly identified the guest as Paul Johnson, who was featured in the second, not the first show.
Since our Saturday show is pre-empted by an Arizona Coyotes game, we decided that rerunning the initial Goddard show on Sunday made sense.
Recently, in a widely discussed editorial, Bill Maher described a “slow moving coup.” He suggested essentially that three things now seem inevitable:
1. Donald Trump will run for president in 2024.
2. He will get the Republican nomination.
3. The morning after the election, he will declare victory, regardless of the electoral outcome.
How will election officials respond if Trump loses the election?
Well, denying Joe Biden’s 2020 victory seems to be a requirement of getting nominated in a Republican primary. And there is an organized effort afoot to purge any officials who deny Biden’s 2020 victory before the 2024 election. Democracy may hang in the balance.
The attempt to overturn the voters’ choices in the 2020 election was unsuccessful largely due to the courage of a handful of Republican election officials who refused to buckle under to political pressure to deny certification to the tabulated 2020 results.
These included the secretary of state in Georgia, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer.
The Think Tank is running a two-part series on the current state of our democracy. Terry Goddard, former Arizona attorney general, former mayor of Phoenix, and gubernatorial candidate, is our guest for the first of these two shows.
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