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SU athletes mix doughnuts with democracy on Election Day – Spectrum News

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Turns out, even a high-level, Division 1 college athlete can’t say no to a free doughnut.
Whether it’s a football player on a bye week, or a rower on a break between classes, that sinful delight is irresistible. That’s why the SU Student Athlete Advisory Committee used them to engage fellow athletes on Election Day.
“A lot of people are putting their ballots in," said SU senior rower Emma Gossman, who’s this year’s co-president of the Syracuse SAAC. "We have a lot of internationals on our team, too, and they’re getting absentee ballots sent all the way from their home country just to mail it back.”
“The doughnuts definitely help," laughed senior cross country runner and SAAC co-president Ellie Lawler, "but I think that if we just set up this board here, in general, I think they would stop by and share their opinion.”
The board she’s talking about is filled with messages from the athletes who stopped by—athletes representing many different sports from many different states, and even countries. Messages with a common theme of hope and strength from kids who are just starting to realize how strong their voices are.
“We really just want to make an impact," Lawler said. "Because, we know as student-athletes we do have a strong voice in our community, and people look up to us.”
Given a rare day off from their athletic duties, the athletes on campus were able to focus on their civic responsibilities. And, though most can’t vote because they’re not from around here, they can share their opinions and appreciate the privilege.
“It’s important to people to put your voice out there, especially when given the opportunity," said SU football standout Kingsley Jonathan. "Especially as a Black and brown person that, it hasn’t been easy for us to get our vote out there. So, to have an opportunity, it’s very necessary to take advantage of it.”
And democracy smells and tastes just as sweet to those from overseas.
“I think it is important to voice your opinion," said SU senior rower Luisa Gathmann, who hails from Germany. "Even if you just think about the fact that some people don’t have that opportunity.”
And it also smells good to those from right here in the Empire State, albeit some of whom have found Election Day, so far, to be disappointing.
"There’s definitely a feeling of, ‘We can make change,’" said SU cheerleader Rachel Duke, a junior from Brooklyn. "But, there’s also the feeling that, it’s not enough. We can’t make the change that we really want.”
But, they can keep unwrapping trays of doughnuts, and sharing all those opinions, and appreciate the fact that, at least, they have a right to do that.