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Alberta proposes set election day for last Monday in May every four years – rdnewsnow.com

EDMONTON – Alberta is planning a set day for future provincial elections.
A bill introduced by Justice Minister Kaycee Madu proposes that the last Monday in May, every four years, be the day Albertans go to the polls.
Legislation passed a decade ago set the time frame for elections at a three-month period in the spring every four years.
If the bill passes, the next vote would be held on May 29, 2023 but that could end up not being the next polling day.
Alberta premiers always have the option to call an election for extenuating circumstances, including if they are seeking a mandate on consequential changes or if the governing party loses a confidence vote in the house.
Former Progressive Conservative premier Jim Prentice called an early election in 2015, seeking a renewed mandate on a blueprint for spending and budgeting, and was defeated by Rachel Notley’s NDP.
NDP Democracy and Ethics Critic Thomas Dang issued the following statement in response to Bill 81, the Election Statutes Amendment Act:
“The changes to elections laws proposed by the UCP today are a dangerous attack on democracy, opening the floodgates to big money and illegal fundraising. The UCP is rewriting election laws to allow their big donors to dump cash into their party while concealing illegal donations that exceed the limit. At the same time, the UCP is silencing the heroes who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic for nearly two years.
“To put it bluntly, this bill allows the UCP to run their next election on illegal money. It’s no wonder why. This is a party that is sinking in the polls, having trouble getting donations from ordinary Albertans, and that has a history of resorting to shady, underhanded practices in both election campaigns and leadership campaigns.
“By removing nomination contestants from contribution limits under the law, this allows unlimited funding to every single nomination candidate in Alberta. This means potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars from big donors sneaking into party coffers through nomination contests. There could also be multiple, illegal donations to UCP constituency associations as this bill will allow donations to be hidden for months after a general election. By removing the ability of unions to advocate for their members through their affiliates, the UCP is aiming to silence the voices of frontline workers.
“I am deeply disturbed by all of this. We will fight this bill in the Legislature. We will fight for democracy.”
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