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Letter: Trump hasn’t stopped undermining democracy – Reading Eagle

“Biden, not Trump, is behaving like an autocrat,” (Reading Eagle, Oct. 30) reflects a misunderstanding of what an autocrat is. An autocrat is a ruler who has absolute power. Given that President Joe Biden has to wrestle with Congress to get any of his measures passed, often without success or with a great deal of compromise, I would hardly call him an autocrat.
On the other hand, former President Donald Trump is a wannabe autocrat through and through. He lost the election, yet he still wants to keep power, even seeking to stage a coup.
He has no use for anyone who disagrees with him, including loyal Vice President Mike Pence, who, as more details emerge concerning the Jan. 6 insurrection, apparently is lucky to still be alive.
On a daily basis, Trump undermines our democracy with his ongoing lie that he won an election that he clearly lost. Our democracy, which is at the very heart of what it means to be an American, is in peril. If anyone needs to wake up it is the members of the Republican Party who continue to bow down to a lying, authoritarian ex-president.
Mary Arguelles
West Reading
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