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Letter: It's not democracy if the bullies win – Salt Lake Tribune

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Police keep a watchful eye as protesters swarm the Granite school board of education meeting on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, opposing the teaching of critical race theory in schools, alongside those that support it, despite that it’s currently not being taught anywhere in Utah.
When there are equal numbers of people on either side, who chooses what to do? If you have an equal number of parents wanting something done, who decides? There are screamers and violent people attending meetings demanding that they get their way. But what if the survey shows a bigger majority want the opposite. Do the violent people win?
The school board meetings and schools have become hot spots. Why should the bullies win?
It is like our Legislature and not doing the will of the people, until there is an initiative that forces them to do it. So do the bullies win? Doesn’t that just inflame them even more? Showing you can bring weapons and threaten anyone and get your way.
How is this democracy?

Margaret Holloway
Salt Lake City
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