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Campaign 2021: Pittsburgh Mayoral Race Set To Make History, Regardless Of Winner – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Both Pittsburgh mayoral candidates cast their ballots Tuesday morning. As their campaigns came to a close, both tried to convince last-minute voters to buy into their campaigns.
It was still dark as Republican Tony Moreno cast his ballot at Destiny of Faith Church in Brighton Heights. A couple hours later, Democrat Ed Gainey cast his ballot at the Paulson Recreation Center in Lincoln-Lemington.
After both voted, they went to polling locations to drum up support.
While both promoted unifying all the city neighborhoods, a new issue came to the table on Monday.
Current Mayor Bill Peduto announced a vaccine mandate for all employees. It requires them to have their shots by Dec. 22.
Moreno is fully against it. State Rep. Gainey said it would be analyzed.
“We’ll take a look at it come January and look at what the science is saying and follow that. I understand why the mayor did it. It’s a public safety concern,” Rep. Gainey said after voting. “If you’re interfacing with the public we want everyone to be safe.”
“I want the workers out there to know, I’ll hire you back if they fire you on Dec. 22. Full back pay. Don’t let them force you in to anything you don’t want to do,” Moreno said.
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After casting his ballot, Rep. Gainey was shouted at by write-in candidate Will Parker. He attacked Rep. Gainey’s political career. The Democratic mayoral candidate called it democracy in action.
No matter what happens, history will be made. The city will either elect its first Black mayor or the first Republican in almost 90 years.
“It is going to be historic. We’re going to come out and show that we moved the way the people of Pittsburgh wanted to move. There’s a lot going on right now. We’re at a tipping point,” Moreno said.
“I believe that we can grow a city for all. I believe that. It’s not just a slogan. I didn’t use any political slogans. I use what I believe in my heart,” Rep. Gainey said.
Polls are open until 8 p.m. If you are in line by 8, you will be able to cast your ballot.
KDKA was told there have been a few hiccups, but nothing major has happened at polling locations. The county says 78 ballots were returned without a signature, date or both and those ballots cannot be accepted.
Of the 100 ballots that were returned without a barcode, 86 of them were impacted by a printing calibration issue. Those ballots were processed separately.
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