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President praises nation's democracy at hall opening – 台北時報

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) yesterday praised Taiwan’s hard-earned democratic way of life at the opening ceremony of an exhibition hall in Taichung that showcases the nation’s democratic development.
Speaking at the opening of the Democratic Moments Hall, which used to be the Taiwan Provincial Assembly Building, Tsai said the renovated building now exhibits key moments of the nation’s democratic movement.
The building used to house one of the nation’s most important legislative agencies, she said, adding that it would now serve as a site to pass down the nation’s history of democracy to future generations.
Photo courtesy of the Legislative Yuan via CNA
Tsai said Taiwan’s staunch support for democratic values despite the COVID-19 pandemic has earned it international support.
She called on Taiwanese to continue improving the nation’s democracy so that future generations can continue to enjoy freedom.
The hall is divided into six exhibition areas displaying documents, photographs and artifacts that record or represent major democratic developments in Taiwan since the Qing Dynasty era.
The hall is located within the Legislative Yuan’s Democratic Discussion Park in Taichung’s Wufeng District (霧峰). The park used to be called the Taiwan Provincial Assembly Memorial Park.
Tsai also toured an exhibition at the park about the 100-year history of petitions in Taiwan.
The exhibition aims to deepen people’s understanding of a campaign launched in 1921 by Lin Hsien-tang (林獻堂), an advocate of Taiwanese autonomy during the Japanese colonial era, calling on Japan to allow Taiwan to establish its own representative assembly.
The exhibition would be moved to the Legislative Yuan compound in Taipei today and run till Dec. 31.
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