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Letter: GOP opposes democracy and undermines rule of law – STLtoday.com

U.S. Sens. Roy Blunt (left) and Josh Hawley. 
Regarding “Senate GOP again blocks Democrats’ election bill” (Oct. 20): As a centrist and having no party affiliation, I need to express my total exasperation with the Republican Party. The fact they have put their power first and foremost over the rule of law leads me to believe we are on our way out of democracy.
Those representing Missouri should all be ashamed of their egregious behavior. I’m thinking specifically of Gov. Mike Parson, Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, and Rep. Ann Wagner. They vote against curbing climate change, creating a Jan. 6 commission, increasing voting access, acknowledging women’s reproductive rights and enforcing a subpoena against Steve Bannon. These are just few instances why I cannot ever vote Republican and cannot respect anyone who could ever cast a Republican vote.
Stu Leventhal • Wildwood
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The Cardinals are disrespecting the fans who pay for everything. And, in my opinion, the new media are afraid of upsetting the Cardinals’ front office.

The folks from the studio are calling the weapon a “prop gun.” Hogwash, in my opinion. A gun is a gun. 

 It seems the average rate of speed is over 90 miles per hour, and then add to that reckless driving.

How small-minded this cartoon is. The statement not only disparaged the man’s legacy but pre-judged every Republican as somehow unworthy and unthinking. 

During the last election, I believe there was not enough critical stories about Joe Biden. When it came to President Donald Trump, the newspaper pushed for impeachment.

 Where are they all day? I never seem to see or hear crews trimming back or removing trees.

American history is not easy. To those who want to “correct” it, please do a thorough job.

We need to teach our students how wrong things can go when people believe what they want to instead of what is true.

In the end, even the Michael Corleone character’s quiet wife becomes a destroyer of life when she aborts her unborn son. 

I see Donald Trump is back to his old self in dishonoring the recently deceased great, honorable man, Gen. Colin Powell. 
U.S. Sens. Roy Blunt (left) and Josh Hawley. 
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