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LETTER: An argument about representative democracy – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Should politicians vote their consciences or reflect the views of their constituents?
Two letters that appeared in the Monday Review-Journal indicate the writers either were unhappy with or misunderstood how our system of government functions.
The first writer was opposed to renaming McCarran International Airport. I. too, have never been a fan of renaming and have yet to understand why the Idlewild, National or Houston airports had to be renamed. The writer may not like renaming McCarran without a vote of the public, but this is how representative governments work.
The other writer contended that Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is an ideologue who votes party line against the wishes of those she represents. This letter fails is two ways: First, she must be a moderate liberal because 34 Democrat senators are further to the left. Second, the country would collapse if representatives never voted against the wishes of those they represent. As Edmund Burke noted, representatives must vote their conscience and whenever required serve those represented by placing the good of the country above their wishes. To do otherwise would be a disservice to those represented, and representatives who listen only to their constituents when voting either lack critical analysis skills or, worse, have no love of country.
Management should have listened to fans on personnel decisions.
Democrats use it, too.
The Clark County School Board hires them and fires them.
Ignoring real problems to promote dubious policies.
If we are to combat climate change, we must welcome all strategies that are likely to be effective, regardless of their origin, as this crisis should not be politicized.
Should politicians vote based on polls?
Two Hispanic-majority districts.
No state income tax, but crummy schools.
The principle of protecting minority interests is embedded in the Constitution.
They traded the heart and soul of the team.
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