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To the Editor:
Our Founding Fathers were remarkable people. They conceived of a whole new way of government that didn’t depend on thousands of years of history. Kings or monarchs would no longer be the rulers, and our country would be run by “the will of the people.”
The will of the people is expressed, of course, through your vote.
That’s the reason Trump’s charges of “voter fraud” are so dangerous to our country. His acolytes in government, taking up the cause, are using that excuse to make it harder and harder to vote.
Last week, Senate Republicans filibustered the Freedom to Vote Act, refusing to allow it to reach the floor for debate, let alone an actual vote. Republicans have figured out how to select their own voters by engaging in a nationwide campaign of voter exclusion, voter suppression, and racial gerrymandering designed to shrink the electorate with the goal of preventing black and brown people, as well as other Americans, from participating in voting.
By pushing the idea that our nation is foundering because of immigration, multiculturalism, the “removal of prayer” from our schools, and imagined attacks on “traditional” values, Republicans have figured out how to enrage voters. Because of this type of propaganda by Republicans, we are perilously close to losing many of the liberties we assumed could never be taken away. Our democracy is not guaranteed and our republic is not ensured to survive. The freedoms and systems that we always saw as a given, are in danger.
On Monday, the right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA had an event during which founder Charlie Kirk took questions from members of the audience. At one point, a bearded man asked, “At this point, we’re living under corporate and medical fascism. This is tyranny,” he said. “When do we get to use the guns?”
Members of the audience applauded.
“No, and I’m not — that’s not a joke,” he continued. “I’m not saying it like that. I mean, literally, where’s the line? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?”
Carole Thompson
Village of Summerhill
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