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Letter: COVID isn't ending, but democracy is – Albany Democrat Herald

In recent days, I have eaten dinner out several times, seen the new Bond film and attended a play, and I will be attending sporting events in the near future.
What I can’t do is attend public meetings involving the city of Corvallis or Benton County. Those meetings are held using Zoom technology I can’t afford. Kind of like a private club — one I can’t afford to join.
I’ve been pointing this out to city and county staff members on the internet, and they talk to me like I am a child. They explain about COVID using small words, and tell me by denying me the right to participate, they are keeping me safe. But they word it differently.
COVID doesn’t seem to be ending, but our democracy is.
Anthony Stumbo

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There once was a time when being a conservative meant you were against higher taxes, but apparently here in Linn County, this is no longer true.
We need to have top-notch individuals managing the business of the city of Corvallis.
I moved to Soap Creek Valley in 1979; it’s been my home for 42 years. The Coffin Butte Landfill is 4 miles north.
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