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France's Eric Zemmour Spreads Trump's Toxic Legacy – Bloomberg

The rise of another far-right demagogue, this time in France’s presidential race, highlights just how dysfunctional democracy’s traditional heartlands are becoming. 
Zemmour’s rise is a sign of democracy’s decline. 
Photographer: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images
Five years ago, demagogues waging a culture war against metropolitan elites and minorities broke into mainstream politics in Britain and the United States. The result was Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Eric Zemmour’s meteoric rise as a challenger to French President Emmanuel Macron confirms that vicious culture wars have become central to the West’s major political democracies.
More disturbingly, liberals and progressives invested in economic and social progress are too disunited and distracted by factional struggles to effectively combat these prophets of decline and vendors of ethnic-racial regeneration. The heartlands of Western democracy are thus becoming increasingly dysfunctional and the language of majoritarianism is taking over public discourse.