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Updated: October 27, 2021 @ 2:22 am
Not so long ago, if any of us heard someone suggesting that our democracy was in peril, we may not have even responded. Now, it is more common to hear such opinions, and we are more inclined to pay attention. Not only is such foreshadowing more frequent it is being asserted by notable and respected people.
If true, the consequence could be drastic. Our march to this moment has been influenced by misinformation and lack of information as much as ennui and contempt for politics and politicians. Somehow, we need to develop forces to counter this despair through increasing awareness and inspiring people to engage in our democracy.
On a local basis, we need organizations already engaged in the political process to partner with other community groups to develop projects that will encourage citizen involvement and ensure comprehensive communication of legitimate information. Reducing the information gap that has distorted understanding of historic and current events will enable more people to make better informed decisions and have a clearer view of the consequences.
Rather than sitting on the sideline and bemoaning the slippage of democracy, our community can come together to develop and support programs that will grow democracy.
Bill Cohen