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‘No to army rule’: Pro-democracy protesters take to Sudan streets – Al Jazeera English

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Pro-democracy protesters blocked roads in Sudan’s capital with makeshift barricades and burning tyres on Tuesday, a day after the military arrested senior officials and seized power in a coup.
Troops fired on crowds a day earlier, killing several protesters, according to doctors.
The seizure, which drew widespread international condemnation, came after weeks of mounting tensions between military and civilian leaders over the course and the pace of Sudan’s transition to democracy.
It threatens to derail that process, which has progressed in fits and starts since the overthrow of longtime strongman Omar al-Bashir in a popular uprising two years ago.
Some protesters remained in the streets of Khartoum and its twin city of Omdurman on Tuesday morning, with many roads blocked.
A bigger test of how the military will respond to the resistance could come on Saturday when protesters plan a mass march to demand a return to civilian rule.
Deposed civilian leader remains under ‘heavy security’ as state oil workers join anti-coup civil disobedience campaign.
Protesters demonstrate against takeover while Sudan’s army chief defends the military’s power grab.
Armed forces detained PM Hamdok following weeks of pro-democracy and pro-military protests.
US suspends aid and thousands take to streets after Sudan’s military arrests interim PM Abdalla Hamdok and seizes power.
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