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Attempts are being made to tarnish history of India – Millennium Post

Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that journalists played an important role in preparing the background of the freedom movement. Be it Gandhiji, Tilak, Pandit Motilal Nehru or Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. They gave voice to the freedom consciousness of the country through journalism.The values ​​given by them are like a legacy for the new media. They established the role of journalism as a vigilant watchdog of democratic values. Journalism played an important role in strengthening democracy even after Independence. After independence, journalism emerged as the voice of the marginalized sections like farmers, forest dwellers and workers.
Chief Minister Baghel was addressing national seminar on the topic ‘New Media of New India’ and journalism felicitation & award ceremony organized in S.N.G. school auditorium of Bhilai Sector-4.
Chief Minister said that journalism is facing a new challenge in this era of global market. Technology has provided an open platform for communication and expression through social media. Anti-national and anti-social forces can use it to spread propaganda like communalism, casteism, hatred etc. To sustain the concerns of journalism, it is very necessary to deal with these challenges.
On this occasion, the CM said that we have a tradition of searching for truth, we have a tradition of debate, we should be truth-searching. We have a tradition of listening to opposing voices in our country. With the flow of information, many misleading news and false information are also prevalent, if we go to the bottom of the information, study the authentic history, then the true facts will be revealed. Attempts are being made to tarnish the history of India. When we do truth-searching, then automatically the real picture will be in front of our eyes. Darkness is deep in today’s time but we have to enlighten a ray of hope. This is an important responsibility for journalists in the era of new media.
On this occasion, senior journalist Ramesh Naiyar said that whenever I come to Bhilai, I see what a beautiful heritage our ancestors have created. When I lived in Amritsar, the name of Bhilai was very popular. When I came here, I realized how rich heritage our great men have prepared. It is the responsibility of the media to save this heritage, protect it and pass it on to the new generation in an intact form.
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