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Americans should try to keep the country united in a successful democracy: Letter – The News Leader

I am writing in response to the article titled, “Will our actions cause the end of a constitutional democracy in the United States?” This article was published in the News Leader on Oct. 13, based out of the Staunton area. I found it interesting how the article opened by discussing why individuals’ viewpoints may have changed from that of their parental figures.
Our parents tend to influence our every belief during our formative years; it is only as we grow older that we sometimes begin to question their viewpoints. I think that most people believe that their political standpoints are because of their own logical deductions of issues in America. However, we are influenced more than we are realized by our social networks. Additionally, we choose to watch news channels and listen to radio stations that support our political viewpoints.
In the months prior to the presidential election I have seen a divide in the American people deeper than I can fathom. The fight between the left and right wing is no longer just political. Individuals sharing private issues are public problems. Additionally, this past year in particular many groups such as African Americans fought for change, through the Black Lives Matter movement, after being oppressed for so many years.
I think that while this last year was full of political unrest and conflict, it was a needed cry for change. It would be impossible to have everyone on the same page about all their beliefs and values. That being said, I believe that Americans need to make an effort to consider others’ opinions and respect others’ differences in order to remain a unified, successful democracy.