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The United States has a history of being bitterly divided over difficult issues. Loyalists faced off against Separatists in the American Revolution, Southerners fought Northerners in the Civil War. Yet, after these conflicts, Americans were able to reunite.
As a young B-52 co-pilot in the late 1960s flying missions over Vietnam, I felt it was my duty to support that effort. However, many of my friends were in Washington, D.C. protesting the very war I was trying to win. After considerable turmoil and a peace treaty, our country began to heal and moved toward unity.
Our current divisiveness is described by some as a “cold civil war” between the right and left with little common ground. I fear we are tearing apart the heart of our democracy with lies and confusion as we turn against ourselves. This division destroys our democracy and makes us vulnerable on the world stage. Winston Churchill said, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” All of us need to work toward unity to protect our nation.
I have always believed in our country and worked to understand its complexity. Our Bill of Rights summons us to think beyond ourselves and to fight for a place where every American, regardless of ethnicity, sex, religion or sexual orientation, can have a home here. As a veteran, my hope is that we all work together to unite our divided America and save democracy.
— Tom McClain, Kennebunkport
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