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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Editor, Journal:
People do not want to govern themselves because they do not want the responsibility. Some call this country a socialistic democracy. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and many others favor the advantages of socialism and yet so many of us do not have a clear idea of what it is. Capitalism requires participation to survive and still so many voters fail to exercise their responsibility to be aware and to vote. (A good reason to impose penalties upon nonvoters). B. Sunkara in his book points out some of the benefits of socialism: affordable medical care, free education, housing, low unemployment, and others. He feels that the workers should control the production, supply, distribution, and the economy in order to make a fair distribution of the wealth. Unions can control some corporate excesses but later abandon many of the workers interests. Proponents use child care, climate change, fossil fuel and other arguments to further their beliefs.
It’s been said that the best argument against democracy is to talk to a typical voter for 10 minutes, and then evaluate the apathy, awareness, and ignorance found in so many. Author D. O’Souza points out dangers in socialism, mentioning socialist countries East Germany and North Korea could not compete with free enterprise. Some countries with resources such as Venezuela and Cuba have a broken economy with shortages, inflation, unemployment, etc. They also are now dictatorships. One wonders who can best handle the economic activity and use of funds than those who enter the business for a profit. Is it the worker or the one seeking profit? There will be inequality in any system but we know that a business searches for efficiency, not morality.
Socialism (sometimes called a cousin to communism) could work in the absence of greed or corruption, but these sins will always be with us. Who will the “workers” put in charge and who will control them once they are in power? Once they were in power the Chinese communists killed over 20 million people who were considered dangerous to the regime. Once the government is allowed to take care of everything we become reliant upon their help in all other matters. After gaining control of the media and public information those in charge can change laws to their liking and the people, now helpless and used to it, remain dependent on government. Threats and death can keep them in line but like it or not the public remains dependent on their government. Democracy has its problems with greed and corruption. Lobbies, unions, the media and political parties which hold control with their unlimited monies and backing of candidates. Our forefathers knew this and tried a system to control it. Times change and laws change. The free press is terribly important so that it can expose corruption and to alert the public. Democracy is not perfect, freedom is not free and what is required is constant vigilance and educated voters. Democracy is still the best system that has been found.
William McNutt
Des Plaines

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