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Democracy in the U.S.: Hopes and Possibilities for Today – Korea IT Times

In this interview, I talk with David Rovics about U.S. history and current events related to his recent article on Blair Mountain in Counterpunch and his European tour. The history of the United States is one of a continued active populace where people of all races and religions have worked together based on common humanity to move the country in the direction of life, liberty, equality in the Constitution and to realize the Bill of Rights in its institutions. This historical fact of commonality is either overlooked, or ignored, by many today who see U.S. history as one long story of white supremacy, genocide, and oppression with a strict division between races. Many claiming to be both rights and left assert such a history as factual, which is in fact, highly distorted. Rovics takes on the current, tense conditions in the United States with some of the major events of history in this extended interview.