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Constitutional Commission to look at Wales' future relationship with UK – Caerphilly Observer

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An independent commission has been set up to look at the future of Welsh democracy, as well as Wales’ place in the UK.
The Constitutional Commission, which has been set up the Welsh Government, will be led by academic and former international footballer Professor Laura McAllister, alongside former Archbishop of Wales Dr Rowan Williams.
The commission will be tasked with coming up with ideas for fundamental reform of the constitutional structures of the UK in which Wales remains a part, as well as ways to strengthen Welsh democracy.
Plans to create an independent commission to delve into these issues was a commitment set out in the Welsh Government’s Plan for Government.
Professor McAllister and Dr Williams have been appointed as the commission’s co-chairs, with the remaining members set to be announced in November, when the first meeting is set to be held.
Professor McAllister said “serious contributions” needed to be made to the constitutional debate in Wales.
She added: “We’ll think boldly and radically about all potential options for the future of Wales, in the context of the increasing pressure on the union.”
Dr Williams said the commission’s job is to “ask what structures and constitutional provisions will best release the potential of Welsh communities and Welsh people”.
He continued: “We want to make sure that the governance of Wales is effective, accountable and imaginative, and look forward to hearing what hopes and visions are animating people around the country.”
Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for constitution and justice, Rhys ab Owen MS, welcomed the appointments of Prof McAllister and Dr Williams.
Mr ab Owen said: “A Constitutional Commission is an opportunity to hold the most wide-ranging national conversation about Wales’s future in the history of devolution.
“Plaid Cymru looks forward to engaging constructively with the commission and its work, making use of every opportunity it presents to make the case for independence and that our nation’s interests will be best served when decisions over Wales’s future are placed in Wales’s hands.”
However, Welsh Conservative MS Darren Millar, who is his party’s Shadow Minister for the Constitution, described the commission as a ‘waste of time and resources’.
Mr Millar said: “Instead of prioritising discussions on independence and constitutional change, the Welsh Labour Government should be using the powers it already has to get to grips with the challenges facing Wales.”
He added: “Talking up independence and talking down the union won’t do anything to address the waiting list backlog in our NHS, the months of lost education experienced by our young people, or the adverse impact of severe restrictions on our economy and society.”
How can we strengthen democracy in Wales?

Dr Rowan Williams and Professor @LauraMcAllister are to about to start a national conversation about Wales' future, and want your views.

We spoke to them on what they love about Wales and got some of their thoughts on their new project. pic.twitter.com/S8rKYGrW4N
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