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October 18, 2021 by Leave a Comment
Letter about democracy is in danger…
To the Editor,
In “Democracy is in danger,” September 18, the author claimed that the Republican Party endangers democracy. Here is another classic example of projection (distortion of reality by accusing others of they are guilty of) and the actual truth is closer to the opposite of what leftists say or write.
For example: Which party leaders/supporters are actually endangering the democratic process used in our constitutional republic and primarily associated with the following:
• Anti-democracy. Constitution violations and court interpretations (constitution a “living document”), court packing, attempted abolition of Electoral College, anti-American propaganda and indoctrination, law breaking such as riots, destruction of property, threats and actual use of force; abolition of individual rights, disregard of Rule of Law, proposed commission to “review” political speech by Conservatives/Christians.
• Anti-voting. Voter fraud such as ballot harvesting and stuffing, “dirty” voter rolls with dead people, non-residents, and illegals voting.
• Anti-history. Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States, 1492-present” has become a primary source of how Americans learn about American history. Stanford University Education Professor Sam Wineburg: “Zinn’s desire to cast a light on what he saw as historic injustice was a crusade built on secondary sources of questionable provenance, omission of exculpatory evidence, leading questions and shaky connections between evidence and conclusions.”
• Group think. Political correctness, censorship, book banning, wokeness, cancel culture, “safe” zones, Critical Race Theory which attempts to erase individuals and promote collectivism. Even the name “Social Democrat” is misleading – they are anything but “Democratic.”
Gerald J. Boyum
Rochester, Minn.
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