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Ghana’s Effutu Traditional Council calls for institutional democracy in West Africa – Vanguard

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By Victoria Ojeme
The Effutu Traditional Council, through their leader, Neenyi Ghartey VII, Effutu Oma Odefe has called for the establishment of democratic institutions and the sustenance of democratic government in the West African region.
The traditional ruler who spoke at the opening of the high-level parliamentary seminar on 20 years of democratic elections in West Africa in Ghana’s coastal city of Winneba on the theme: Evaluating Two Decades Of Democratic Elections In The ECOWAS Region: Achievements, Challenges And The Way Forward, emphasized that seminar was important to the growth of democracy in the region and Africa.
He said that institutions in the continent have over the years placed a high value on entrenching democracy across member states which have seen significant successes.
“There is no gainsaying of the scars we bear from the brutal past of civil wars and dictatorial regimes that caused massive poverty, loss of human lives and economic stagnation.
“It is predominantly evident that the African Region recovered significantly from the menaces of the past and our states are more secure, democratic, prosperous, and progressive.
Increasingly, regular elections are being held, our education and healthcare systems have improved, and digital technology, especially in Ghana has thrived.
“I have outlined the above to draw your attention to the fact that all these would not have been possible in the absence of regular democratic elections, civil order, and cohesion in our drive as a community of States and with our partners around the world.
The traditional ruler added that notwithstanding the gains the region has made in sustaining democracy, there still exist challenges that all must tackle together.
He cited the recent developments in the Republic of Mali and Guinea and said that they provide more reasons for a more consolidated effort to protect the strides that have achieved.
“That is why the ECOWAS Parliament deemed it fit to hold this seminar for the purpose of taking stock of our democratic legacies as a region and propose recommendations on how we can protect it further, “he said.