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Letter: Hold out hope for democracy – The Columbian

Law and order are dependent on the people’s confidence and trust in their intuitions. Legislation, laws, authority, or mandates are of little consequence if people sense their life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness is being stepped on. The majority rule in seats of power seem to forget that when you disenfranchise any group (whether in majority or minority) for any reason, you will not achieve your desired outcome.
Everyone decries one-party rule unless their party is the one with all the concentrated power, and we all suffer under it. There is no one-size-fits-all in any realm, especially in governance. National politics and consolidation of power has ruined just about everything.
I look for a day when political partisanship will be replaced by people who have no agenda except to represent the people in the time and in the places they live and serve. I might hold a minority opinion in this regard, but I still hope.