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Either Merrick Garland Gets to Work or We Can Kiss Democracy Goodbye – The Daily Beast

Time is running short and the stakes are terribly high.
Fan-favorite guest James Carville returns to ask, “What is Merrick Garland doing by the way? I don’t think this man knows whether to wind his ass or scratch his watch” while arguing that it’s time to lock up Steve Bannon on the way to locking up Donald Trump—”You can’t have the most famous person in the United States blatantly committing crimes.”
And Carville talks with Molly Jong-Fast about the “critically important… high stakes” Virginia race—“This shit is hard but if you don’t do it I’m not exaggerating to say that they come back in power in 2024, you can kiss this democracy’s ass goodbye, it’s gone”—and explains what Democrats are getting wrong about their most frustrating senator:
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“Manchin is an Italian, Roman Catholic Democrat from Virginia. A Democrat has not carried a county in West Virginia since 2008. Your choice is not Manchin or Bernie Sanders. Your choice is Manchin or Marsha Blackburn. So what do you want?”
Plus, Alec Ross, former senior adviser for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, talks about his new book, The Raging 2020s, and why “We need to fundamentally rewrite the social contract,” and author and activist Ryan Hampton, talks about the Sackler’s great deal in the Purdue settlement, and how “this whole thing was a set up from day one” in which “victims were sidelined every step of the way.”
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