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Letter: American democracy suffering from 'Trumpitis' – Portland Press Herald – pressherald.com

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Echoing John Dean’s words, there is a “cancer growing within” this country, and it is Donald Trump. To survive, a cancer vacuums up the body’s vital resources for its own exclusive use. Cancer Trump’s survival depends on the blind loyalty of supporters and all the fraudulently collected money it can obtain through various political action committees. Just like a biological cancer, Trump only cares about his own survival, himself and no one else.
Concomitantly, an infectious disease known as Trumpitis is spreading and rotting away both the health and the foundation of what is the greatest democratic model in the world. The institutions and principles that made this country No. 1 in the world are under relentless assault by those individuals severely afflicted with Trumpitis, their infected minds seemingly having lost the ability to distinguish between truth and lies, reality and fiction. The most effective remedy for this cancer/infection: Vote out Trump loyalists!
Trump loyalists/GOP members, who often claim to be the most patriotic, are permitting this demise to occur, even perpetrating it, as they continue to support lies and misinformation. Many GOP politicians, even after all that had occurred on Jan. 6, still behave like an unpatriotic, spineless “Group Of Phonies,” (“Rush Limbaugh – voice of the swamp people,” March 5), supporting lies openly or just staying silent, betraying the oath of office they have taken.
The international democratic community is watching in disbelief, shocked and very worried that an already weakened America might succumb to these aforementioned maladies, because too few appropriate strengthening, healing intervention(s) are being applied.
While friends of the ailing patient (democracy) hope for a strong recovery, her foes are calmly eyeing a place in the funeral procession.
What is it going to be: recovery of the patient or death?
Sigrid R.E. Fischer-Mishler
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