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Letter: GOP is killing democracy – The Columbian

Ever notice that Democrats always try to work with Republican presidents, while Republicans always try only to obstruct Democratic presidents? The wants and needs of the American people are not among their concerns, only political warfare and gaining power and control.
Still, one must give Republicans credit for creating a very slick campaign process. There are only a few short steps:
1. Cast doubt on the integrity of the election well before it even occurs.
2. If you win, proudly declare that the people have spoken, and call it a “landslide” regardless of the actual vote count.
3. If you lose, loudly claim you actually won, allege massive voter fraud, demand endless recounts, and file as many court cases as possible to challenge the results.
4. In all cases, declare that you have tons of evidence backing your claims, but never actually provide any of it, simply repeat your claims over and over as often and loudly as possible, assured that some people will believe you regardless of the facts staring them in the face.
This is the gift Donald Trump gave the GOP: the belief that lies are an “American value,” and the bigger the lie the better.
It’s almost genius! But sadly, it does not bode well for us. Apparently, after more than two centuries, the never-ending dream of the extreme right wing is coming true: Thanks to them, American democracy is dying.