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Money in politics: ‘Serious threat to our democracy’ – The Seattle Times

Reading “We need a constitutional amendment on money in politics,” I was delighted to see at least one U.S. senator and a former state senator from Maine, both Republicans, are trying to get an amendment to address our insane “money is free speech” problem.
I believe money in politics is a serious threat to our democracy, even more than the current challenges to our voting system. Until there is some way to limit funding, we will never have elections that truly allow for any candidate to have a fair chance at wining. This is a decisive issue for both main parties.
Sadly, while serving on a Washington district Democratic board, I unsuccessfully tried to keep progressives from criticizing Democratic candidates who, in order to fund their campaigns, were having to accept money from businesses. Also, just think about how these extreme amounts of money being sent on elections instead could be applied to our many needed services for low-income folks — what a better country we would have.
If U.S. Sen. Susan Collins or any other senator or U.S. representative is truly trying to change this, please encourage our Washington senators and your U.S. representative to take part and support these actions. This truly needs to be a bipartisan issue.
Sandra Loveland, Mukilteo
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