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Trump supporters are a threat to our democracy – The Sun Chronicle

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To the editor:
I have to laugh when I read letters or weekly columns from the likes of Lorraine Nye, Gerald Chase, and Bob Foley, etc, etc.
These right wingers want to talk about anything but the black stain on them and their so-called party from the attack on our government and an attempt to steal an election from its rightful winner, Joe Biden.
They can keep talking around the subject but it was their insane supporters who made an all out attack on the Capitol Building on Jan. 6. They are trying to wish it away, act like it never happened, lying over and over about what actually went on that day.
The Republicans are now saddled as being the biggest threat to our country in its long history. It tops the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks because this was Americans attacking other Americans. Do we need more proof to see the insanity of these people?
Every time a citizen votes for any national Republican they are voting against the future of this country. If Donald Trump is ever elected again, it will be nothing more than four years of revenge, more breaking of our laws, and installing a dictator.
Trump is an loose cannon, of low intelligence and immoral. His supporters like to call themselves Americans but they are far, far from that.
Trump went as far as to appoint three judges to the Supreme Court who lied under oath at their confirmation hearings when they said Roe v. Wade was a settled issue. But just look at these little Trump clones now trying to do their best to overturn the right of women to control their own bodies, a right that was fought for decades ago. In my opinion all three should be removed from the court now. They have turned the highest court in the land into a laughing stock and nothing more than a political action committee.
Aldo Ferrario
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