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Texas Democrats on Governor Abbott's Political Stunts on the Border – Texas Democratic Party

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AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement ahead of Gov. Abbott’s trip to the border in Mission, more than 320 miles away from Austin:
“Governor Abbott’s taxpayer-funded campaign stop at the Texas border today with 10 additional Republican governors, some from as far away as Montana, Wyoming and Georgia, is nothing more than a political stunt and a distraction from his own massive failures.
“Abbott has proven himself incapable of demonstrating even an ounce of leadership on the top issues for Texans, like ending this pandemic and fixing the state’s electric grid ahead of the upcoming winter months. There has never been a worse governor in the history of our state and Texans have taken notice. His approval ratings across the state have dropped to the lowest ever at just 41 percent.
“What Abbott needs to do is stop taking cheap shots at refugees on the border, who are some of the most vulnerable people in the world, and instead have a press conference with the families of more than 700 Texans that froze to death less than eight months ago due to his failure to act and have a secure electric grid. There still has been no justice for those families and the threat of the same incident repeating is high since the governor has not prioritized anything other than anti-voter, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigration legislation while the state House and Senate have been in session.
“Abbott needs to stop this charade because he is fooling no one. He needs to get back to Austin and demand that Texans have an efficient and working electric grid before this legislative session ends. He needs to stop campaigning on the public dime and actually do his damn job!
“Let’s remember that Trump and the radical right, including Abbott and these 10 governors in South Texas today, have spent the last four years dismantling our nation’s immigration system and in doing so have committed horrendous human rights abuses that have traumatized thousands of innocent children for the rest of their lives.
“Democrats have gotten to work to undo that damage and to build a fairer and more efficient immigration system that secures the rights of all people as well as the security of our borders.
“Greg Abbott is trying hard to hold us back for his own political benefit, but Democrats at every level will continue to fight for the people of Texas and work to move our state and our country forward.”
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