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Oct 4, 2021
The greatest threat to our democracy is now the Republican Party.
Realizing that changing demographics are not on their side, the party that in my opinion openly coddles white supremacists, celebrates the history of Confederate slave-holding traitors, and unabashedly embraces insurrectionists, is using aggressive gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and putting partisan Republican politicians in charge of election results to subvert democracy and preserve their declining power.
Rather than stand on principle, Republican politicians, and those seeking elected office, slavishly fawn over a grossly immoral, authoritarian conman, feeding his insatiable ego. His rigged election lies undermine faith in our institutions and threaten our Republic, in my opinion.
I believe local politicians Keller, Thompson and Corman, among others, are his obedient water-carriers. Meanwhile, those same Republicans who ardently supported the massive expansion of the surveillance state after 9/11, who contorted themselves into pretzels to justify the torture that occurred at black sites around the world, continue to chip away at the rights of women to control their own bodies, cry with self-righteous indignation as they deny human and legal rights to LGBTQ people and pass laws to forbid teaching the history and impacts of racism in America, are overcome with hypocritical anger at the phony loss of freedom from being required to wear a little cloth mask over their mouth and nose.
It’s time for the good and decent members to leave this cult and start a party that once again embraces integrity, human dignity and intelligent policy-making over the desperate, destructive and increasingly immoral and anti-democratic chase for power.
State College
Submitted via Virtual Newsroom
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