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Letter: Republicans are working to destroy American democracy – STLtoday.com

Regarding the editorial “Republican ballot reviews lay groundwork for future electoral mischief” (Sept. 27): Mischief? No, this is the GOP’s beginning of the end of our democracy. If our votes are meaningless, then what do we have? I fear for my grandkids.
Ben Bergman • Ballwin
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Since his supporters insist he won the 2020 election, that means Trump is serving his second term in exile.

 Because the perpetrator is Black, I believe the incident will be swept under the rug by the district and ignored by the media in the future.

Under the guise of protecting our rights (but with the transparent aim of garnering votes), he is using his office to undermine the integrity of our elections.

I am an Uber driver who sees the fear in visiting families’ faces as I take them to their hotels.

Never have there ever been so many cry baby adults about an election. 

The Supreme Court is not being politicized. It is merely reflecting a majority conservative view of the U.S. Constitution. The pendulum has swung, as it does in most historic movements.

Did it occur to them that if the 70 million vaccine skeptics would get the shot, no one would have to mask in schools?

 I’m counting the remaining days she has in office. Or maybe she’ll actually do something good for the city and resign beforehand.

Masks and vaccines are ineffective when Fox News keeps sneezing and sneezing and our democracy gets sicker and sicker.

I believe scores, if not hundreds, of situations like mine happen across the country every day. And with similar, non-violent outcomes.
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