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Adoption of the report of Bertrand Bouyx on the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe in PACE Committee – Council of Europe

On 28 September 2021, the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the report by Bertrand Bouyx (France, ALDE) on the Observatory on history teaching in Europe, and thus encourages non-member States to join the Observatory.
“In the coming years, the main priority will be to broaden its membership and ensure a better geographical balance between members in order to enhance the relevance and added value of the Observatory’s work.” – Bertrand Bouyx
The Observatory on History Teaching in Europe aims at collecting and making available information on the state of history teaching in Europe, therefore fostering the exchange of good practice and mutual learning. The Observatory also promotes history teaching among the younger generation in order to strengthen our common European values.
“It is my firm belief that knowledge of history and critical understanding of political, social, cultural and economic systems and their interactions provide the basis for a more nuanced and mutually respectful debate in our diverse societies and enable young people to fully embrace democracy.” – underlines the rapporteur.
This role and these commitments are recognised and supported in the draft resolution and recommendation adopted unanimously by the members of the Commission. This new proof of political confidence reaffirms the validity of the Observatory’s missions.
The PACE article and the report : “Observatory on History Teaching to promote nuanced and critical understanding of the past”
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