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Areas in KZN 'have not reaped the fruits of democracy' with lack of basic service delivery | Witness – News24

Monday, 04 October
02 Oct

In the 27 years since the advent of democracy, some KZN communities are still battling to access basic services in their municipalities.
The community of Ngome outside Greytown has been battling to access clean water for the past 27 years. With a few weeks until the municipal elections, KZN residents have called on ward councillors to deliver on their promises.
Farm dwellers called on municipalities to respond on their grievances after the elections.

02 Oct
Parents call for closure of all schools in Phoenix due to rise in Covid-19 cases
Parents are calling for the indefinite closure of all schools in Phoenix after it was revealed that schools in the area were the “epicentre” for Covid-19 infections.