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'Dangerous For Our Democracy': Michelle Wu Stands Against Negative Attack Ads – wgbh.org

After a first-place finish in Boston’s preliminary mayoral election, Michelle Wu joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston to talk about her message to voters leading up to November’s general election. Both Wu and fellow candidate Annissa Essaibi George have disavowed negative attack ads from outside groups.
“We’ve seen in this country of the last four-plus years what negative attack ads and vitriol can do to our democracy and the way in which people feel connected or disconnected from their government,” Wu told Braude.
“And so I have vowed and called on anyone getting involved in this race, whether it’s folks on the ground or outside groups, from refraining those kinds of negative attack ads because we know that that it is dangerous for our democracy,” she said.
Wu also reiterated her support for vaccine mandates in schools and public places. “I expect and will work for schools to be a platform to close gaps in vaccinations across our communities,” she said. “As the numbers go up, we need to follow that data and especially as the weather grows colder and more people will be heading indoors for activities, we have to ensure that there are protections when folks are inside for long periods of time.”
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