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Democratic lawmaker calls 'live-leaker' a schmuck and a coward | TheHill – The Hill

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Rep. Jared HuffmanJared William HuffmanThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Alibaba – Gears begin to shift in Congress on stalled Biden agenda Congress shows signs of movement on stalled Biden agenda Democratic leaders racing toward Monday infrastructure vote MORE (D-Calif.) in a Friday tweet called the “live-leaker” who sent the press details about the House Democratic Caucus’s meeting while it was happening a “schmuck” and “coward.”
The California Democrat said that the member who was live-leaking information to Punchbowl News reporter Jake Sherman apparently likes the narrative that the House Democratic Caucus is in disarray. 
“Far more unity than ‘disarray’ among House Democrats right now, though our caucus meeting today was a master class in eloquent ambiguity. That’s necessary in part because one of our members is live leaking to @JakeSherman because they apparently like the disarray narrative,” Huffman tweeted, referencing a founder and reporter for Punchbowl News.
“Let me be really clear:  I love most of my colleagues, but that particular live-leaker is a schmuck. And a coward,” he continued.
Let me be really clear: I love most of my colleagues, but that particular live-leaker is a schmuck. And a coward.

In response, to Huffman’s tweet, Sherman said “no. They like transparency.”

No. They like transparency. https://t.co/ygwLAU4BBM

Somehow I knew you would say that. Love the Punchbowl BTW.

This wasn’t the first time Huffman called out his colleagues for leaking details of internal caucus affairs to the media.
In November, Huffman called on his colleagues to “stop this nonsense” after details of a 2-1/2 hour call following the Nov. 3 election were leaked to The Hill and other news outlets.

Some of my colleagues are literally live-leaking our internal Dem Caucus call right now to CNN, The Hill, NBC, Politico, etc. I’ve gotten texts from 3 different reporters asking me to live-leak juicy details to them. No. We (Dems and the media) need to stop this nonsense.
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