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In Mr. Servidio’s letter (GOP’s reckless pursuit of power threatens our democracy, Aug. 29) he expresses concerns about our form of government. He asks about the cost to “our democracy.”
Our government was never a democracy. It was specifically designed against democracy because historically, democracies have failed as a system of government. The U.S. is a constitutional republic. That means that must follow what the Constitution says, not what the people say.
Secondly, he accuses Republicans of seeking power. Curiously, in the 2012 party caucuses, the Republican prayer was for wisdom, and the Democrat’s prayer was one of gratitude for power.
But I must ask which party is most approving of what has taken place in the past 10 years in Ferguson, Los Angeles; Portland; Madison, Wisconsin; Baltimore; New York; Washington, D.C.; Seattle; Kansas City; and other cities — including Erie, leading 30 states to call out the National Guard?
Karen Keil, Erie
Jeffery launches write-in campaign
for Erie Co. Clerk of Records
I was reading Mr. Wroblewski’s viewpoint of September 5, 2021, and given the opportunity, wanted to voice my own.
I have been working in local government for over 19 years, and like Mr. Wroblewski, I believe in the political system and that every voice needs to be heard. I, too, would tell voters to reach out to the candidates — peel back the surface and get to know the real person.
For me, it was a last-minute decision to run for the Erie County Clerk of Records. I made this decision based on what this office represents. This is a civil service position which I believe is a position for the community and their needs. These offices in one way or another will have some effect on each and every one of us during our lifetime — whether it’s buying a house, getting married or fighting a traffic ticket.
In order to fully serve as the “custodian” for the Clerk of Courts (criminal records), Clerk of Orphan’s Court; Marriage Licenses; Prothonotary (civil records); Recorder of Deeds (land records) and Register of Wills (estate records), you must possess a strong sense of fairness. I believe you treat employees like they make a difference and they will.
I learned a lot about running for office in the primary and truly appreciate the time and effort made by the voters, family and friends.
I am running a write-in campaign for the Erie County Clerk of Records and would appreciate your support.
Karla Jeffery, write-in candidate, Erie County Clerk of Records
We all depend on socialism
I do not understand why the health insurance industry itself hasn’t put an end to all the insane debate over both masks and vaccines long ago and made this announcement?
“When the total of the health insurance premiums minus our administration fees that you’ve paid in, (and that would be about two days in the intensive care unit), runs out, so does your health coverage. We are not covering the costs of individuals who make no effort to not get COVID-19, with premiums paid by the rest of our policy holders who have and followed the health guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
We agree with you 100%. Your choice! Your right! You pay!”
All these people against masks and the vaccine, are also on the anti-democratic socialism band wagon. They say, “Say no to socialism!” So why are the health insurance premiums of every person who has been following the CDC guidelines, wearing a mask and being vaccinated, being used to keep the people who won’t follow guidelines alive?
Why are all these anti-mask, anti-vaccine people not against this form of socialism? Because it benefits them, that’s why!
Besides, health insurance, home owners’ insurance, car insurance, along with every other type of insurance is socialism, to say nothing about paved roads, and bridges, airports, shipping docks and ports, and railroad lines. Not a single one has been built or sustained by any company or group of companies or persons. All are forms of democratic socialism, along with all police departments, fire departments (both city and or county-run and 100% of the voluntary ones, most of which are supported at least partially by “social clubs” and 100% by “social donations”), are all forms of democratic socialism. Along with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, your federal banking insurance protection, federal pension insurance protections as well as every branch of the armed forces — are all forms of democratic socialism.
You want to preclude yourself from socialism? You’re living the wrong country.
Ron Bayless, Erie
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