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The Democratic Party's antisemitism problem isn't going away. It's getting worse – Washington Examiner

The Democratic Party managed to defeat a stunt from its most left-wing members, but its antisemitism problem isn’t going away any time soon.
Eight members of the Democratic Party were joined by just one Republican (isolationist Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky) in voting against funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system. Two other Democrats voted ‘present’ because apparently, neither was brave enough to stand by their colleagues as they pushed to block funding for a defensive system that protects civilians from terrorist rockets.
While most House Democrats managed to stand strong, it remains undeniable that the party coddles its antisemitic members. This vote only happened after House leaders removed the funding from a short-term government-funding bill at the behest of its Hamas-sympathizing members.
The members who opposed the funding are the same ones whom the Democratic Party props up at every turn. That includes Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, who drove the Biden administration to continue its unconstitutional eviction moratorium. It includes Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, two brazen antisemites who have received only slaps on the wrist for their repeated antisemitic comments.
And it includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the champagne socialist from New York who voted against the funding before meekly changing her vote to ‘present’ in what might have been a bizarre effort to protect her long-term political ambitions. The celebrity legislator then cried on the House floor after the vote because funding for a system that protects Israeli civilians from terrorists puts the safety of her colleagues “at risk.” Or something.
Democratic leadership humors “the Squad” because it thinks those members represent the activist base. Whether that is true or not, that means there are no repercussions when members spew antisemitic bile or push to make it easier for Hamas rockets to hit their civilian targets.
Seven of the 11 Democrats who either voted ‘no’ or ‘present’ were elected in the last two election cycles. The previous chairman of the Democratic National Committee called Ocasio-Cortez the “future of our party.” She, along with Omar and Tlaib, are more like celebrities than lawmakers. Their profile is growing, as is their influence over the Democratic Party.
Democrats should have nipped this in the bud, but they have allowed the problem to continue to grow. If they had any courage, they would finally crack down on the frequent antisemitic displays. But they don’t, and the Democratic Party’s antisemitism problem will certainly get worse as a result before it gets better.