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Don't bet on Democratic politicians rejecting the lunacy of votes for noncitizens – New York Post

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In a fit of pique over opposition to his bill giving non-US citizens the right to vote in city elections, City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez says “you can move, if you don’t like it.” We fear he may be right, at least when it comes to people “moving” from the Democratic Party.
After all, he’s backed by a full 34 other council members on his bill to grant the right to vote in municipal elections to nearly a million immigrant New Yorkers holding valid green cards and work authorizations.
Fine, Mayor Bill de Blasio will likely veto the measure, since the city Law Department notes that the state Constitution restricts voting to US citizens 18 or older who’ve lived in the state at least 30 days. And yes, the bill has critics on the council such as the Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bx.) and Robert Holden (D-Queens), who says “Citizenship and suffrage must not be torn from each other.”
But none of them is where the party is headed. Rising star Jumaane Williams, the public advocate, loves the idea.
We’re opposed, for all the obvious reasons. But this has all the hallmarks of the kind of progressive nonsense, like decriminalization of . . . well, everything, that quickly becomes gospel among city Democrats, and eventually nationally.
Don’t forget: Kathy Hochul, then a town clerk, won her first headlines by opposing then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s drive to let illegal immigrants get New York drivers’ licenses. Years later, she was part of the cheering section when the same thing became law. Heck, many Democrats in Congress today don’t even think US borders should be guarded.
There’s no limit on how much lefty lunacy today’s Democrats will buy.

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