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Historian Jon Meacham wonders if we're mature enough for democracy — here's the latest sign worrying him – Raw Story

Historian and sometimes Joe Biden advisor Jon Meacham voiced his thoughts on the future of self-governance in America during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour.”
Anchor Brian Williams directed Meacham’s attention to a sign that appeared on a store in Nashville, Tennessee.
“You force a shot on us?” the sign asked, with a picture of a vaccine.
“We force a shot on you,” it continued, with an image of a revolver pointed at the viewer.
Meacham said the thinking behind the sign was “not rational.”
He described the divide in America is “not unprecedented in kind, but unprecedented, I would argue, in degree since the 1850s.”
“And I use that analogy very, very advisably because we know how the 1850s ended, they ended in bloodshed, they ended in cataclysm,” he said of the Civil War. “And I’m not predicting armed conflict here, but I do think we have to take a pretty deep breath here and think about the — what’s genuinely at stake.”
He worried society was decaying into a state of nature.
“This is on us. This is on we the people. Because democracies are counter intuitive, because we’re driven by appetite and ambition. That’s what we are as human beings,” he explained. “And democracy is about seeing each other not as rivals but as neighbors. We do not see each other as neighbors in America at this hour. And if we don’t, maybe we aren’t worthy of this democracy.”
“And maybe that’s a question we really, really need to stare in the face, not worry again about this bill and that bill. But are we, in fact, mature enough as a people to govern our ourselves?” he asked. “I think we are, but we’re doing everything we can to prove the opposite.”


Jon Meacham www.youtube.com
Dr. Sara Cross, a Tennessee-based infectious disease specialist, surprised CNN’s Victor Blackwell on Wednesday when she revealed that GOP Gov. Bill Lee’s COVID-19 task force hasn’t met in more than a year.
During an interview, Blackwell asked her if she has been the “lone voice” on the task force willing to push the governor and other state officials to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.
“The governor’s task force has not met since the summer of 2020,” she said. “So it is very difficult to say if I am the lone voice.”
Cross then went on to detail why she has become more vocal in opposing some of the governor’s policies.
“I have been speaking up recently because I’m very worried about the executive order that the governor issued allowing parents to opt out of the mask mandates in schools,” she said. “And I have continued to speak out because I feel that people in the state of Tennessee are being put in harm’s way with some of these recommendations that have been made… I feel that being against a vaccine mandate is even putting people in harm’s way.”
Watch the full interview below.

Tennessee doctor on GOP governor’s COVID task force reveals they haven’t even met in a year www.youtube.com
This week, it was revealed that court documents obtained in the case from Dominion Voting Systems showed President Donald Trump, his staff and lawyers should have known that they were making false claims about election fraud.
While these internal Trump campaign memos are likely to heavily factor in the Dominion lawsuits, one MSNBC analyst noted that employees for the company may also have an opportunity to sue Trump and his lawyers as well.
Former Manhattan District Attorney Rebecca Roiphe explained that this recently discovered evidence is particularly hurtful to Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell’s case with Dominion.
“First of all, it makes it seem like this is not a particularly controversial question,” she said. “It’s kind of obvious that these were lies. It’s so obvious that the campaign itself knew they were lies. So, it makes it more difficult for them to claim, ‘Oh, my God! We didn’t know!’ The standard is that they had to have either knowledge or reckless disregard of the truth. And that makes it easier to prove those two things.”
When it comes to the issue of whether more lawsuits will come, she said that it’s entirely possible based on these new revelations that others could come forward with suits.
“There is the possibility that Dominion or one of Dominion’s former employees or current employees might bring another lawsuit or include defendants like Donald Trump or the Trump campaign because there is an increasing sense that they may have had knowledge that some things they were putting out were false when they put it out,” Roiphe said. “That makes a pretty strong defamation case.”
See the discussion below:
The Dominion lawsuit could tank Trump www.youtube.com
During a segment on CNN this Wednesday where the discussion focused on Donald Trump’s lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump, The New York Times, and three of its reporters alleging an “insidious plot” to expose his confidential tax records, CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers gave her thoughts on the merits of the lawsuit.
According to Rodgers, the lawsuit is “poorly drafted” with “very little support.”
“More that a year ago, President Trump tried to stop the publication of Mary Trump’s book on this exact basis,” she explained. “And it failed in court, so the New York Times defendants have absolutely no concerns here — their First Amendment rights are going to prevail in this matter.”
She also said of the complaint, “I don’t know what it’s based on and I question why it was filed at all.”
Watch the video below:
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